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KLaser Group

KLaser Group

K Laser Group consists of subsidiaries and affiliated companies, all of which are based on optics technology, and continuous innovation and development in the field of optics, providing a wide range of products and services and solutions.
K LASER Technology Inc.
K Laser is the largest publicly traded holographic company in terms of market share. We has successfully experimented with many unlikely materials for hologram, such as PET film, leather, lithic paper, credit cards, cellular phone buttons, clothing and cosmetics. The technical advantage enables us to develop more intricate and sophisticated products such as multi-dimensional, high resolution, true color images with hidden security features. K Laser’s hologram is definitely no ordinary hologram, it is more than meets the eyes. These original solutions are the most beautiful barriers for counterfeiters. Today, K Laser is already a leader of the holographic product industry. Certainly we do not win by the sheer company size, but our capability to provide the right solution to different customers around the world.
Optivision Technology Inc.
Optivision Technology, Inc. designs and develops optical films. The company offers components of the backlight module films. Its products are used in LCD backlight modules of various sizes, such as film and television products; notebooks, monitors, digital cameras, PDA, and tablets; mobile phones and car navigation products; consumer electronics; and industrial, medical, and flight instruments.
Insight Medical Solutions Inc.
Insight Medical Solutions developed the world's first magnetically controlled capsule endoscope capable of completely examining the upper digestive tract (EGD). Our vision is to develop safe, effective medical equipment and to promote social welfare and national health. The fear of traditional endoscopic examinations, medical risks of anesthesia and postoperative complications can be avoided. It can provide early diagnosis and early treatment for various common diseases of the esophagus and stomach.

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