InsightEyes EGD System
The InsightEyes EGD System is a medical device designed to observe the upper digestive tract (esophagus, stomach, duodenum). The device provides responsive real-time video and control is achieved through a magnetic field navigator.

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  1. Aries E500i
  2. InsightEyes EGD
  3. InsightEyes EGD Dongle
  4. InsightEyes MFN
  5. 21.5" LCD Monitor
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21.5" LCD Monitor
High Video Quality.
Approved Medical Device.
Aries E500i
Light Weight, 5.5kg.
3 Light metering modes: Intelligent, Central, Average. ...
InsightEyes EGD
Similar to size 00 capsule, reducing throat irritation.
Use once, safer than traditional en ...
InsightEyes EGD Dongle
Extension cable, allows for convenient placement of the Aries E500i.
3000 uses.
InsightEyes MFN
Uses magnetic field to orient the InsightEyes EGD.